Supply Chain Solutions for Metals x Manufacturing

Enserve is a Tokyo-based specialized trading company with knowledge and expertise in both metals (special steel, stainless, copper alloys) and manufacturing (industrial machinery, medical care, marine petroleum). We help you establish tailor-made supply chain solutions based on your needs to ensure stable supply, cost reduction, or quality improvement.

Do you have such Problems?

Do you have any Problems about Metal Materials? Enserve will work with you to solve your problems.

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Our Strengths


You can reply on our experience and knowledge of both base material and secondary processes. Base material manufacturers often do not know much about end-user problems while end-users understand less about characteristics of raw materials / secondary processes. Understanding both sides, we solve your problems.


Based on your needs, we build supply chains considering QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) over manufacturing, logistics, tax, and regulations. We are independent thus we optimize your QCD regardless of unnecessary commercial distributions such as affiliates and parent companies. For example, we can procure Hot Roll Coil from the UK, process it in Turkey, and deliver it to your country.


We focus on maximizing the value of supply chain we build for you by providing tailor-made solutions. We carefully listen to understand your concerns and figure out precautions which are often overlooked.


We support your growth and success by finding materials which are difficult to obtain. Also, to commit new material installation for you, we take “hands-on” approach to find, test samples, and smoothly install the new material for your day-to-day operations. We support you through the whole process, from product proposals to actual delivery transportation arrangements.