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Company Overview

NameEnserve Company Limited
President / CEOKeita Matsunoki
AddressNomoto Bld. 4F 4-22-8 Shinbashi,Minatoku,Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
Foundation1st, Sep, 2010
Capital20,000,000 Yen (Approx. 150,000USD)
BusinessImport / Export / Tri-Lateral Trade of Semi-Finished Metals and Marine Petroleum Materials
BankMizuho Bank
Registry Number0100-01-135030
Tax Number4-0100-0113-5030
Enserve Company Overview

CEO’s Message

Welcome to Enserve! My name is Keita Matsunoki. My carrier has always been procurement field. Working at Arabian Oil, I have worked in Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia for many petroleum procurement projects. Fortunately, through those experiences and collaborations with local partners, I became fond of Muslim culture and  history. Around the discontinuation of Arabian Oil, I started my own company to continue serving for people in Muslim world. Fortunately, we are now working with partners all over the world. With my know-how and experiences, Enserve covers the following areas.

  • Special steel and Stainless
  • Medical Steel Products
  • Copper Alloys
  • Marine Petroleum Products
Enserve CEO Keita Matsunoki
Keita Matsunoki

CEO Designate’s Message

Thank for visiting Enserve Website. My name is Ikuma Matsunoki. I am the son of our CEO Keita Matsunoki. Our Enserve business is scheduled to be taken over in September 2025. My carrier has also been in procurement field. Working as a buyer at Toyota in Japan and Argentina plus startups to solve supply chain issues, I have learned the importance and practical know-how of achieving the balanced supply chains in terms of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) for supply chains of metal material / components. As well, my international experiences in both large corporations and small-medium enterprises helped understand the procurement roles, situations, and corporate internal structures in different countries and business sizes. It has been my passion to solve supply chain problems. Instead of working for a single company, I wished to help more broadly many corporations by contributing to solve supply chain issues for long term successes. This is how I decided to succeed my father’s Enserve.

It has been challenging to take over my father’s business until now. The business environment has been changed. We did not have a Website. Every document is in paper. All expenses were made by cash… All these transformation has been still under process to update. Through the communication with our customers and manufacturers, we have realized our strength and weakness.

  • Strength :
    Ability to make proposals based on a deep understanding of engineering and manufacturing, extensive experience in international trade and trade finance.
  • Weakness :
    Lack of manufacturing facility. Some customers prefer to do business only with those who own manufacturing facilities.
Ikuma Matsunoki

Based on our strength and weakness, we have been committing to assist customers who are in trouble of supply chains, especially those who have issues related to a single source (unstable supply, high prices, quality without alternatives). We also introduce new Japanese materials for your country (and vice versa).

It has been always my taste for niches instead of everybody’s favorite (fishing instead of football etc.). My character fits well for Enserve. I enjoy committing myself to solve niche metal material / component supply chains that are hard to find.

Due to my living experiences in Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. You can communicate with us in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We welcome inquiries in these languages. Besides inquiries, just exchanges of market information are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

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Enserve’s Name and Logo Origin

When Keita founded his company, he named “Enserve”, to “serve” for his clients with emphasizing word of “en”. It was his determination to contribute and dedicate to his clients. In addition, Enserve’s corporate Logo represents that Enserve is connecting 4 directions as a network of clients and supply partners.

Enserve Logo