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Enserve Copper Alloy Plunger Tip

Plunger tips are an important component for aluminium die casting.

Pluger tips push molten zinc and aluminium through a polished steel sleeve and into die cavities to form intricate parts.

Our proposal is copper alloy plunger tips at reasonable prices.

Traditionally, plunger tips are made of steel in East Asia, while they are made of copper alloy in Europe and North America due to higher productivity.

Copper alloy plunger tips have been expensive and unpopular in Asia. There are several advantages of using our copper alloy pluger tips.

This page introduces the 4 advantages of copper alloy plungertips;
-Higher Productivity
-Annual Cost Saving
-High Quality
-Possible Government Subsidy

Higher Productivity = Economic Benefit

Copper alloy plunger tips make aluminium die casting more efficient.

Plunger tips pushes molten aluminium and freezes some time to solidify the aluminum.

Copper alloy is more than 3 times faster to conduct the heat than steel.

After injection in the flow above, copper alloy plunger tips make cooling process is much faster than steel so that the waiting time before part removal becomes faster.

Enserve estimates to reduce operational costs around 4000USD/year for each second of cooling time reduction.

If you have more or bigger die cast machines, the economic benefit might be greater.

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Plunger tip die casting machine

Annual Cost of Copper Alloy ≦ Annual Cost of Steel

Even annual cost of copper alloy plunger tips would be less than that of steel plunger tips.

Enserve compared the annual cost of plunger tips between copper alloy and steel.

It turned out that our copper alloy plunger tips are more expensive than steel type, but product life is much longer.

Die casters do not need to purchase so many copper alloy plunger tips and save money at the end of the year.

How you can reduce cost in JPY/year

High Quality

Our copper alloy plunger tips have many delivery records to European Car Manufactures and Die Cast Machine companies. Our manufactruing partner has know-how for chemical compositions and aging process to make strong and lasting copper alloy for plunger tips.

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many delivery records to European car manufactures

​Possibility of Government Subsidy

There are government incentives to reduce carbon emission and enhance productivity.

Reduced cycle time leads carbon emission reduction so that there might be subsidy for die cast machines with copper alloy plunger tips.

There are several subsidies suitable for the Japanese market.

If you are interested in die cast machine investment, subsidies might be applicable.

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subsidy system of Japanese Government

​Further Details

Further details about plunger tips are available on our blog (article1).