How does Enserve save for surging costs / Inflation?

How does Enserve save for surging costs / Inflation?
How does Enserve save for surging costs / Inflation?

In the era of sticky inflation, surging material cost / Inflation is a headache for all manufacturing businesses. At Enserve, we understand the critical importance of profitability, and we commit ourselves on our agile response to the inflation.

There are 3 challenges for metal material / component in terms of inflation.

Bargaining Power

One characteristics of metal supply chain is that the raw material manufacturer is very powerful compared to its customers (distributors, intermediate processors and end users). If the raw material manufacturer decides to increase the price, customers often cannot refuse but to accept.

Sticky Inflation

The historical data indicate that prices are sticky and inflation can last for long time (reference). This sticky inflation may lead long term increase in raw material / component prices.

Quality Issues

Changing raw material / component itself is also challenge due to quality concerns. The replacement process of raw materials / component takes long time to evaluate if an alternative raw material / component is acceptable in terms of quality performance. Besides, there might be unexpected quality issues of changing raw material / component. Rather than getting exposed to these risks, you may stand up with the current material / component.

Enserve’s Solution for Surging Cost / Inflation

By working with Enserve, you can reduce the risk of failure to address surging material costs and inflation, improve your profitability, and ensure the long-term success of your manufacturing business.

Cost Reduction Plans

Enserve can help you identify areas where you can reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Especially, for those metal materials or components that you suffer for a single source, we will do our best to propose alternatives.

Support to Increase your Sales

Enserve also has expertise for value added metal materials / components (especially in medical wire / wire components, cut or grind function related materials). We assist you to increase the value of your product to increase your price and sales.

Balance on Quality and Profitability

We understand the importance of maintaining your quality standards while also improving your bottom line. Our cost-reduction plans will take this into account, ensuring that you can stay competitive without compromising on the quality of your products.

Customizable Solutions

Enserve doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We will work with you to understand your specific challenges and develop a tailored plan that meets your unique needs and budget.

Partner in Co-operation

Enserve is a professional vendor in Tokyo specialized in Metals (Special Steel, Stainless, Copper Alloy) x Manufacturing (Industrial, Medical, Marine Petroleum). We establish tailor-made Supply Chain from all over the world to find your procurement solutions in the following areas.

We have a case study how we carefully assist our customer for an alternative supply chain without sacrificing quality.