Does Enserve do anything for Carbon Emission Reduction?

Does Enserve do anything for Carbon Emission Reduction?
Does Enserve do anything for Carbon Emission Reduction?

Environmental protection is essential for all life. Governments in various countries are also taking various measures to achieve a carbon-neutral society as a trend. In UK, a carbon tax on metal parts is planned to be introduced (reference). In Japan, the government encourages to reduce carbon emission by providing subsidies (reference). We expect that carbon emission will be measured for final products. This will result in measuring the carbon emissions for manufacturing and requiring to reduce them. Isn’t it overwhelming how to handle these new challenges? Do you need to procure new metal material or components to reduce Carbon Emission? Enserve is your one-stop shop for developing a custom metal supply chain solution that meets your exact needs.

There are 2 challenges for metal material / component supply chains’ carbon emissions.

Energy Consumption

To begin with, metal components are processed by using large amounts of electricity and gas and generating energy. This is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Energy consumption not only has a negative impact on the environment, but also increases production costs. The production of metal components itself implies carbon emissions.

Loss of Energy

Even though energy consumption is unavoidable for manufacturing. The production efficiency directly affects energy efficiency and hence the amount of energy loss. The higher the efficiency, the lower the energy loss. It is sometimes in the news that some companies are operating with considerable efficiency, for example, by introducing robots. However, most small and medium-sized companies do not have the time to think about efficiency, or even if they do, there is still room to grow and become more energy efficient.

Enserve’s Solution for Carbon Emission Reduction

By working with Enserve, you can reduce carbon emission and energy cost, and possibly carbon taxes in the future.

Energy Efficiency Improvement

Enserve offers products designed to improve the energy efficiency of industrial machinery. For example, our copper alloy plunger tips can improves cycle time drastically and reduces energy consumption.

Enserve offers other other solutions to enhance production efficiency: Energy-efficient products lead to lower operational costs, improving profitability.

Ideas to Improve Your efficiency

Enserve is a professional vendor in Tokyo specialized in Metals (Special Steel, Stainless, Copper Alloy) x Manufacturing (Industrial, Medical, Marine Petroleum). We establish tailor-made Supply Chain from all over the world to find your procurement solutions in the following areas.

We have a case study how we practically reduces carbon emissions.