Medical Steel Products

Enserve Copper Steel Material for Medical Applications : High Quality, Price Competitive, Small Initial Costs
Enserve’s medical steel products : Japanese high quality, competitive prices, low initial costs, and stable supply.
If you are looking for Contract manufacturing (OEM or ODM) partner for medical steel materials made in Japan, our team with various expertise and strengths will make a proposal to meet your QCD requirements. We currently offer the following two types of medical steel products.

-medical instruments (scissors, forceps etc) 
-medical wires (Braided, Straighten, Torque Wire, Torque Coils etc.) for catheter or similar applications

We offer medical steel products with distinct advantages : Made in Japan Quality, Price Competitiveness, and Low Initial Cost and stable supply chain.

We offer tailor made medical instruments (scissors, forceps etc.) or medical wires (Braided, Straighten, Torque Wire, Torque Coils) for catheter or similar applications. Due to the shipping cost, We recommend 4000USD/shipment for commercialization and collaboration with your local stockist if you wishes daily delivery (delivery Lead Time is 3~4months). Enserve carefully listen to your expectations on QCD and go through sample evaluation process with you. For any requests (mother material requests / instructions not clearly written or expressed in the drawing) or consultations (drawing capability consultation, price inquiry), please contact us.

<Advantage 1> Made in Japan Quality

We inspect our products before they are shipped to ensure through the eyes of the Japanese craftsmen, so that we can guarantee detailed features that are not shown on the drawings, such as “the tip engages cleanly” and “shape and smoothness suited to the way the customer uses the product”. To secure quality, it took 8 years to develop some of our product. Like Shinkansen’s time schedule, we promise our products’ quality as highly accurate and stable.

If you have some quality issues with current materials, we will listen to your concerns and make sure to solve your quality problems with Japanese craftmanship.

<Advantage 2> Price Competitiveness

Our products are more price competitive than market leaders yet quality is as quite close to them. The left diagram is broad image of our market positioning. Enserve is sure to offer competitive prices while satisfying quality compared to the market leaders. Enserve combine a team of expertise to secure this market position.

If the you use standard products while you wish customized products or unsatisfied about the current steel material costs, consult with us.

<Advantage 3> Low Initial Cost

We have accumulated knowhow and molds for medical instruments and wires. This enables us to offer three reasons for low initial cost for you.

If there are requests for custom-made products or concerns about the supply of medical instruments or wires, we will try to offer alternatives at a low initial cost.

-Share the industry latest trends and tips to shorten your development time and enable you to offer the cutting edge technology to your customer

-Find the most suitable option to reduce mold costs

-Make the instruments without drawings (reverse engineering)

<Advantage 4> Stable Supply

The medical steel supply chain is miniaturized with expertise. This means that compared to standardized products such as tableware, there is a high risk of unstable supply. Our supply chain is unique and diversified so that purchasing from us will make your business operation more stable.

Medical Instruments

Japanese Craftmanship

We respect the craftmanship of every single process of manufacturing for our medical instruments. Because medical instruments are mainly hand made, the attention to the details are essential and manufacturing know-how and tips of craft men must be highly appreciated to achieve end users comfort of critical applications.

The end users (doctors) in Japan severely evaluate the usability of medical materials. For our manufacturing, Japanese craftmanship is essential for these end users’ sensitive and demanding requirements.

Available Instruments

We mainly introduce forceps and shears for medical use. Besides that, we can also produce stethoscopes, Nasal Speculas, Ear Speculas, Koos Knives, etc. There are many more kinds of products available. We have both multiple use and single use (disposable) products (details about single use instruments). Please feel free to contact us.


Our Medical Instruments are typically used for medical, beauty, veterinary, and dental applications. We are open for other applications such as hobby applications (fish hook removal, plastic modeling).


Medical Wires

Japanese Medical Wires

Enserve and its partners have a deep understanding of the latest trends in medical wire and related products. This enables Enserve to offer valuable insights and help you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions about your purchases. Whether you are looking for the latest technology, the highest quality products, or expert guidance, Enserve is your trusted partner for all your medical wire needs.Please feel free to specify the details (Application, Size, Tolerance, Volume, Target Price, etc) so that we can make an optimized proposal.

Available Wires

Straighten Wire

Straighten Wire is used for Ez clip, Coagulate grasper, Polypectomy snare etc. There are different products depending on application and required characteristics such as 1:1 Torque. We are able to offer the combination of below specifications depending on your requirements.

Available Grade : Stainless (304, 304V etc), Ni-Ti, Ti, etc
Characteristics : No Torquability, 1:1 Torquability etc
Tapers : 1~4 steps, Dia mim 0.050mm~0.650mm
Classification / Tolerance : Type 1~4 available
Delivery Form : Spool & Cut available

Braided Wire (Round & Flat)

Medical braided wire is a type of wire that is commonly used for catheters, guidewires, and stents. It is made by braiding multiple strands of wire together, which creates a strong and flexible structure that can be easily manipulated to navigate through the body. We offer the below specifications depending on your requirements. For specifications not listed, please consult with us. Our latest offering is Tungsten Wire which does not contain any inclusion (impurity) so that the wire thickness can be Dia 0.0025mm (2.5μm). Usually stainless contains inclusion (impurity) due to the production process so that the wire Dia 0.015mm (15μm) or less can be broken during the usage. Tungsten also has a good X-ray contrast that braided product is easily visible during the operation. We can offer gold-plated Tungsten wire as well for further improvement on the contrast.

WIire TypeMaterialSize (WxT/Dia mm)Tensile Strength (MPa)Comment
Flat304V0.0762 x 0.002541380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.127 x 0.02541380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.0762 x 0.01271380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.0762 x 0.02541380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.0762 x 0.01781380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.127 x 0.02541380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304V0.152 x 0.05081380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Flat304, 3160.010 ~ 0.350 x 0.030 ~ 1.500Ratio of thickness to Width up to 1:20
Round304V0.05081380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Round304V0.03051380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Round304V0.05081380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Round304V0.03811380 ~ 1720Package Steeger / 30mm
Round304, 3160.015 ~ 0.500680 ~ 3000
RoundPure W
0.0025 ~ 0.5002500 ~ 4200Advantages of Tangsten
-Increased tube strength
-Reduced tube diameter
-Contracted tube
-Reduced marker diameter
Braided Wire Specifications

Nitinol Wire (Round)

Nitinol wire is a specialized type of wire that is commonly used for drug eluting stents, stone basket, and Occluder. It is made from a unique alloy of nickel and titanium that has the ability to remember its original shape, even after being deformed. We offer the below specifications depending on your requirements. For specifications not listed, please consult with us.

Diameter mmLength Range mmStraightnessPackage
0.2 ~ 3.6Spoolmax. 1/300mmWelding wire spool (D-300)
0.05 ~ 0.2Spoolmax. 1/300mmDIN 160 / Din 100 plastic spool
0.2 ~ 3.61000 ~ 3000No wobbling on flat surfacePlastic / Papaer tube
Nitinol Wire Specifications

Medical Strand

Medical strand is a type of wire that is composed of multiple thin wires, twisted together to form a strong and flexible structure. It is commonly used for orthopedics, endoscopics, vascular applications, where flexibility and strength are critical requirements. With our Japanese team, we will listen to your requirements (Application, Size, Tolerance, Volume, Target Price, etc) for tailor-made solution.

Medical Cable

Medical cable is made by twisting multiple strands of wire together. Medical cable has a larger diameter and is better suited for applications that require more strength and pushability for orthopedics, endoscopics, vascular applications. With our Japanese team, we will listen to your requirements (Application, Size, Tolerance, Volume, Target Price, etc) for tailor-made solution.

Micro Catheter

Micro catheters are commonly used in procedures such as angiography, embolization, and neurointervention, where precision and control are critical requirements. They are inserted into the body through a small incision or puncture and guided to the target site using fluoroscopy or other imaging techniques. We are able to offer state-of-art prcision micro catherters. With our Japanese team, we will listen to your requirements for tailor-made solution.

Torque Coil

Torque coils are made by coiling several strands as thin as a hair and layering them in 2, 3, 6, 8 or 12 layers. Torque coil provides rotational stability and control. Torque coil is a specially designed that is added to the distal end of the device, which allows the device to rotate and maintain its position during procedures. After 8 years of development, our Japanese manufacturer became capable to offer state-of-art precision Torque coils.

Hypotube (Hypodermic tube) with welded wire

Hypotube or Hypodermic tube is a small, thin-walled metal tube used in various medical applications, particularly in Low-Invasive Surgery which requires shape retention and rotational transmission to keep compact and flexible and fit inside a human blood vessel. Hypotubes are commonly made from stainless steel or other materials with some coatings inde such as copper with specific properties suitable for individual medical purposes.

Accuracy of cut (no burr, easy to sterilize) is critical for the hypotube to operate properly during surgery. To satisfy both the material and processing (cutting, coating etc) at the high level of accuracy is very demanding, so that the number of companies that can deliver Hypotubes in the world is limited.

Enserve arranges a combination of high-quality materials and processes from Japan. Enserve is able to offer not only Hypotube itself, but also the whole “Assy (Hypotube + Wire + Welding)”.

We can help you with the specifications and types products that are suitable for your use case. 
Please feel free to contact Enserve if you have any issues about QCDs of steel instruments or medical wires.