Based on our deep understanding of trade and manufacturing, Enserve offers unique supply chain solutions for our customers in the following areas. 
-Special Steel and Stainless
-Medical Steel Products
-Copper Alloys
-Copper alloy plunger tips
-Marine Petroleum Products

Special Steel & Stainless

Special Steel and Stainless Steel have been our core product ever since our foundation. Along our history, we have accumulated knowhow and network of manufacturing partners across the world
(strip, rebars, wires etc.). We deliver difficult-to-find steels in terms of steel grades and specifications.

Medical Steel Products

If you are looking for an OEM or ODM partner for medical steel instruments & wires made in Japan, our team with various expertise and strengths will make a proposal to meet your QCD requirements.

Copper Alloys

We offer special copper alloy types / shapes / dimensions that you might not be able find in your region. We would be happy to find your desired copper alloy, based on your expectation of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery). Our copper alloys are certified for AS9100 (Aerospace Industry).

Copper Alloy Plunger Tips

Plunger tips are an important component for aluminum die casting. Copper alloy plunger tips have not been common in Asia due to their high price. We are proposing several advantages of copper alloy plunger tips to use them more widely in Asia region.

Marine Petroleum Products

We have 50 years of experience in procurement projects for offshore oil field projects, and we have a unique product line of metals x offshore oil fields, such as steel pipes and maintenance materials for offshore oil fields.