Special Steel & Stainless

Enserve Special Steel & Stainless : Rarity, Excellent QCD balance, Flexibility, Strong Collaboration
Special steels are steels that have specific properties and performance characteristics compared to ordinary steels (alloys of iron and carbon). They are manufactured using specific alloying element additions, heat treatments, or fabrication techniques to meet special applications or requirements. This allows special steels to have different strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and other properties to suit different applications. Stainless steel is one type of special steel.

Since its inception, Enserve has been dealing with special steels and stainless steels that are hard to obtain in your area. Enserve is a unique source of consultation in various industries based on the following four advantages.

<Advantage 1> Rarity

Among special steels, there are some rare grades that require high hardness etc. and the volume for steel mill is low. In these cases, the delivery LT tends to be longer than the your requirements, or stable supply of these rare steel grades might be questionable in the future. Enserve specializes in proposing alternative materials for such rare steel grades from all over the world, including niche overseas special steels and stainless steels that are JIS certified and have been delivered to Japanese manufacturers. Our customers often consult us to arrange substitutes for rare special steels that are too niche and difficult to find elsewhere.

<Advantage 2> Excellent QCD Balance

The quality and cost levels required for metal materials vary depending on the application, even for the same steel grade. Enserve offers a wide range of mother materials from the world’s best quality to the most cost-competitive, depending on the your application. This sense of balance is one of our strengths as a company with a background in manufacturing.

<Advantage 3> Ability to Build a Flexible Supply Chain Quickly

Enserve is able to quickly establish a flexible supply chain from mother materials to processing across countries. You can use the delivered products as soon as you receive them. For example, steel mills can only process coils up to 1.5 mm thickness, and there are sometimes differences in surface finish between the your requirements and steel mills. We can arrange further rolling, surface finishing, metal fabrications (stamping, welding etc.), third party inspection, and JIT delivery system.

<Advantage 4> Strong Collaboration

Enserve has a manufacturing background. We have a deep understanding of not only special steel and stainless steel materials, but also the development process and operating environments especially in the automotive, industrial machinery, medical, and marine petroleum industries. We care that you are happy to use our products. If there is any issue, we communicate sincerely and fairly with you and manufacturing partners to resolve the issue.

Steel Grades

We offer special steels and stainless steels that offer advantages to you in terms of rarity, quality, price, and delivery time. If you have a problem that cannot be solved with an existing steel grade or a steel grade that is not on the list, please contact us. There are steel mills in the world that produce steel grades that are not available in your area, so we may be able to make a proposal that can solve your problem.

SK65 (SK7)W1-7
C70W2 (1.1620)C70E2UTC70
SK75 (SK6)W1-8
060A81C85W (1.1830)X75TC80
SK85 (SK5)W1-8
SK95 (SK4)W1-9
SK105 (SK3)W1-101,407105CR2 (1.3501)C105E2UTC105
SK120 (SK2)W1-111,407125CR2 (1.2002)C120E3UTC120
SK140 (SK1)C130W2C140E3UTC140
S45C1045C45E (C45R)C45C45C45E4 (C45N2)
SCM41515CrMo415CrMo4 (1.7243)15CrMo415CrMo4
SCM435413734CrMo434CrMo4 (1.7220)34CrMo434CrMo4
SUS304304X5CrNi18-10X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)X5CrNi18-10X5CrNi18-10
SUS316316X5CrNiMo17-12-2X5CrNiMo17-12-2 (1.4401)X5CrNiMo17-12-2X5CrNiMo17-12-2
X6Cr17 (1.4016)Z8C17X6Cr17
SUS430LX439 (430Ti)00Cr17 (022Cr18Ti)X3CrTi17 (1.4510)X3CrTi17
(upgraded 304)
304S15 (304S31)
X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)X5CrNi18-10X5CrNi18-10
X68Cr13 (1.4037)X68Cr13X68Cr13
X65Cr13 (1.4037)X65Cr13X65Cr13
SUS420J2420X30Cr13 (1.4028)X30Cr13X30Cr13
SUS440A440A7Cr17X68Cr17 (1.4109)X68Cr17X68Cr17
SUS440B440BX90CrMov18 (1.4112)
SUH446446X18CrN28 (1.4749)X18CrN28X18CrN28
X39CrMo17 (1.4122)X39CrMo17X39CrMo17

Dimensions by Shapes

We offer various steel shapes in coil, strip, bar (from cast billet material fresh out of the furnace to cold drawn bar), and wire (round, flat, and deformed). If you have a special shape that is not listed, or if you have tight dimensions or tolerances that are difficult to establish an optimal supply chain, we can help. Enserve can propose the optimum supply chain by utilizing our worldwide network of manufacturing partners.

DescriptionCold Roll & Quenching TemperingCold RollRound, Flat, HexagonRound, Flat, Deformed
Thickness (T)0.02~1.30mm0.25~1.50mm2.0~500.0mm0.0025~30.0mm
Tolerance on T±10% of T~±0.012mm~TBATBA
Width (W)8.0~1000.0mm1000mm~1250mm
Tolerance on W±0.04mm~±0.04mm~±0.20mm~
FinishBright,Semi Bright, DullBA, 2D, No.4,
air Line, Embossed
Bright, Non BrightBright, Semi Bright, Dull


Applications of special steel and stainless are listed as below. For other applications, we are open for discussion.

Blade, Saw, CutterWashing MachineGearRail for Train Door
Cutlery, Knife, RazorDish WasherShaftIce Cream Stirring Bar
StapleKitchen SinkCold HeadersTowel Rack
Knitting Machine NeedleToasterBolts, PinsCup Handle
Thrust WasherKettleForgingsPeeler Handle
Clutch Valve BracketExpresso MachineEngine ComponentsNozzle
Horn DiaphragmRefrigeratorWheelNut for Precision Machines
Bearing Drive Wheel CapGarbage CanMachine Components
Tape MeasureBBQ GrillWedge Wire
Spacer in Rocker ArmRange FoodWatch Band
Feeler GaugeHard DiscConveyer Belt
Washer, Wave WasherKitchen StoveMedical Device
Hose BandGrating (Ditch Lid)
GasketPrinter Shaft
Spatula, TrowelAuto Door Rail
Rotary Compressor PartsRack Gear
Slap Bracelet
Anti-loosening of Screws

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Upon hearing your needs, Enserve offers best QCD for special steel and stainless in the grade, shape, size, and additional processing you require. Also applying our metal x manufacturing knowhow, we offer Japanese quality medical steel products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues about special steel and stainless steel.