Marine Petroleum Products

Marine Petroleum is resources that are found beneath the ocean floor, specifically in underwater geological formations and reservoirs. Marine petroleum exploration and production involve the use of specialized technologies and equipment to locate, extract, and process these underwater oil and gas reserves. Offshore drilling platforms, subsea equipment, pipelines, and other infrastructure are utilized to access and transport marine petroleum to the surface for further processing and eventual distribution. The shift to sustainable energy sources such as offshore wind power or tidal power generation requires similar peripheral infrastructure and materials / services.

Before starting Enserve, our CEO, Keita Matsunoki worked as procurement manager at Arabian Oil Company, Ltd. (Oil and natural gas development company) over 50 years. With many experiences, Enserve offers metal related products with 4 advantages to you. There are a few companies in Japan who has a good understanding of metal related material procurement for Marine Petroleum and other similar applications such as offshore wind power or tidal power generation.

<Advantage 1> Rarity

Among marine petroleum metal materials and products, there are some issues that standard products cannot handle. Enserve offers solutions for such cases. Our solutions amplify your business opportunities and eventually solves the concerns of end users. For example, We support to procure rare materials or conditions to meet other than API5CT/CRA requirements.

<Advantage 2> Excellent Quality

The quality for petroleum projects are essential for stable operation and environmental protection of the oil fields. As we understand well both Metal and Marine Petroleum, we supervise all of the processes from the raw material to the finished products delivery to maintain high level of quality control. Also, to verify that our products fully meet your requirements, we can arrange third-party inspection (TPI) before the shipment. This is one of our strengths as a company with a background in manufacturing.

<Advantage 3> Ability to Build a Flexible Supply Chain Quickly

Enserve is able to quickly establish a flexible supply chain from mother materials to processing across countries. You can use the delivered products as soon as you receive them. For example we can offer the essential materials / components made in Japan so that you can use it in your country or make the work-in-process or finished products in Asia to deliver to you. Besides, we have many delivery experiences overcoming any troubles. To name a few destinations, we have delivered to Niger, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kuwait.

<Advantage 4> Strong Collaboration

Enserve has a manufacturing background. We have a deep understanding of not only metals, but also the development process and operating environments especially in the marine petroleum industry. For example, Often Japanese manufacturers require many details about specifications. On the other hand there is no much detail specification at customer side. Enserve specializes in coordination to facilitate smooth communication between manufacturers and customers for specification adjustments and business negotiations, and strives to ensure that customers are happy to use our products. If there is any issue, we communicate sincerely and fairly with you and manufacturing partners to resolve the issue.

Enserve’s Product and Services

We offer Metal Materials and ATON (Aid To Navigation) products and services. If you have a problem that cannot be solved with an existing materials, products, or services, please contact us. There are steel mills and processors in the world that produce steel grades that are not available in your area, so we may be able to make a proposal that can solve your problem.

Metal Materials

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) is specialized group of tubes and pipes used in the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas. Enserve offers OCTGs satisfying API5CT/CRA or other requirements.

CategoryAPI5CT (Carbon)API5CRA (Alloy)
OCTGConductor Pipe (Welded)
OCTGCasing Pipe (Seamless)
OCTGTubing pipes (Seamless)Tubing pipes (Seamless)
Line PipeLine Pipes (Welded, Seamless)
Steel Coils for OCTGSteelStainless
OCTG materials for Marine Petroleum

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant steel which is frequently used for Marine Petroleum. Our partners develop special stainless that has extra hardness or heat resistance. For further details, you can refer to our special steel & stainless page.

Explosion-proof Products

Beryllium Copper has a characteristics that spark does not happen when contacting with other metals. This feature is essential where there is explosive gas filled. Enserve offers any beryllium copper in any desired shapes from round bars to the sand casting or machined for your needs. For further details, you can refer to our copper alloy page.

ATON (Aids to Navigation) Products and Services


Enserve is offers “total solution” of Buoys to complete your needs. There are many categories of buoys Enseve covers; Materials (Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, Plastic), Functions (Lighted, Spar, Observation, Swift Current, Lanby, Chain, Deep Ocean), Sizes (Diameter from 0.7m to above 10.0m), and Sensors (DGPS, Current, CO2, Waves etc.)

Beacons, Lanterns, Sensors

Enserve is offers many types of Beacons, Lanterns, and Sensors to expand your solutions. Their functions very from lighting to meteorological measurement. They are mostly stand alone by solar panel with Japanese reliable batteries (product life for min 6~10years). Some have user friendly features (easy to install and setup by the end user).

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

AIS is a communication system among buoys, vessels and the base station for the safety of human life and efficiency of navigation. AIS also collects of weather and marine information. Enserve offers reliable and tailor-made optimized systems for individual environment.

Engineering Services

We offer the following engineering research services (data collection, analysis, and solutions) to complete the projects.

-Environmental Protection
-Rescue and Disaster Prevention
-Preliminary investigation for maritime projects

Collaboration References

Collaboration of Finished Products (Buoys, Beacons, Lanterns, and Sensors)

Enserve can be a supplement of your missing product portfolio. For example, if you do not produce observation buoys with multiple sensors, we can supplement for your offerings.

Collaboration of Work-In-Process Products / Raw materials

Enserve offers work-in-process products or raw materials so that you can efficiently process at your site.

Combination of your Products and our Products

You may combine your product with our Beacons / Lanterns / Sensors to offer cutting edge and price competitive solution.

Engineering Services

If you have a complex maritime research projects or limited human resources to work on, you may wish to have external support. Enserve will be happy to support you for such cases.

We offer supports of difficult to find marine petroleum Metal and ATON products and services. Please feel free to contact Enserve if you have any issues about QCDs of marine petroleum Metal and ATON products and services.