Secondary Steel

Secondary Steel Grades

We handle secondary steels from all over Asia and Europe. We would be happy to find your desired steel grades, based on your expecation of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery).

Secondary Steel Coils
Secondary Steel Coils
Japan JISUSA ASTMBritain BSGermany DINFrance NFISO
X6Cr17 (1.4016)Z8C17X6Cr17
SUS439439X3CrTi17 (1.4510)X3CrTi17
(upgraded 304)
304S15 (304S31)
X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)X5CrNi18-10X5CrNi18-10
SPHDType A/BDD11~DD14DD11~DD14 (1.0332)DD11~DD14HR2
SPCCA/B/CDC01~DC04DC01~DC04 (1.0330)DC01~DC04CR1
SGCC653DX51DDX51D~DX54D (1.0917)ST02Z~ST06Z
Steel Grade – Secondary Steel

Dimensions by Shapes

We have secondary steels in shape of bars, coils, or sheets. We have a network of stockists across Asia and Europe. The deal closes quickly. If you plan to purchase, please describe specifications.