What are the values of Trading Companies / Distributors?

Values and Benefit of Trading Companies / Distributors
What is the benefit of Trading companies or Distributors for buyers?

We are a specialized trading company. We call ourselves “sourcing agent”.

Most of clients wonder if trading companies create anything other than passing products from right to left. As myself, I was a buyer of a manufacture and avoided trading companies due to additional commission charges (and an increase in costs).

Here are some cases that we found ourselves “values” to our clients.

Specialized trade companies like us have a wide network of an industry. Supply Chain is never perfect; there is always vulnerability. So we come in and help building stronger supply chains.

Industry knowledge

We understand customer needs and often have more knowledge than raw material manufacture (supplier) and final product manufacture (clients) since we have had many problems of a product before. So we can find the root cause quickly and fix the problem.

Power to Put Together

It is a common practice to purchase 5kg of rice or wheat instead of 100g each time. We do the same. We try to bundle the volume and reduce the cost as much as possible.

Power to Divide

It is also a common practice to purchase only 5kg or rice or what instead of 1000kg at a time. We do the same, we bundle the volume and deliver the right amount of a product when needed.

Risk Reduction

Starting a new business itself is a risk for both a buyer and a seller. New business may result in no payment, no delivery, lack of quality or delay. We stand on behalf of both sides to avoid those risks. We often visit suppliers’ factories to make sure the quality is satisfactory or delivery is in time.

Navigation of Locals

Doing business internationally often requires understanding of culture, history, and current politics of related countries. We have understanding of Western, Arabian, and Asian cultures as well as each country’s history and politics to flexibly and quickly adopt changes to smoothly and successfully do businesses.

List can go on and on. If you could also feel the value of us, please keeping mind of us. We would be happy to help you when you need a help for international business of special steels or alloys.

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